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We craft Google-friendly websites that resonate with your target audience and drive conversions.

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Our website design process

Our Montreal SEO company approaches every web design project with curiousity, creativity and attention to detail to get a clear picture of your business that will drive our entire process.



The discovery phase of our web design process is all about you. We want to know everything there is to know about your brand. This first phase helps us establish a baseline and define the purpose and scope of your project.

Goals & Objectives

Project Scope

Target Audience

Content Plan



In the design phase, the information outlined in the discovery stage is brought to life in more detail. More specifically, we deliver a detailed documentation of the site structure as well as a visual representation of your website.

Site Architecture


Visual Design




The website development phase is where everything comes together and truly takes shape as the approved web design is implemented into a fully functional website.

Website Development

Responsive Design



Last but not least, we ensure that all aspects of your new website design or redesign are working before unveiling it to the world and making your competitors envious.




Websites tailored to you

Corporate web design icon

Corporate Web Design

Our expertise helps organizations use the web to communicate effectively, grow sales and demonstrate thought leadership.

Small business web design icon

Small Business Web Design

We help your small business leave a big impression with a tailored website design service that suits your objectives and budget.

B2B SEO icon

B2B Web Design

We develop B2B websites that deliver clear value propositions and transform general inquiry leads into profitable relationships by establishing trust and credibility.

Landing page design icon

Landing Page Design

Your landing page should speak to your target audience, encourage visitors to convert and surpass your expectations.

Portfolio & Showcase Websites

We can help you showcase your work in a way that is wholly unique and strengthens your brand perception.

E-Commcerce SEO icon

SaaS Web Design

A well-designed SaaS website that delivers an exceptional user experience will boost subscriptions and improve ROI.

FAQ about our web design agency

How much does a new website cost?

The answer to this age-old question isn't one size fits all, since every website is unique and needs different elements. Each project is quoted based on its specific requirements.

Generally speaking, a small business website without a ton of bells and whistles costs anywhere from $3000-5000, whereas a more elaborate custom design can cost $10,000 or more.

How much time will it take to build my website?

Building a website typically takes between 6-12 weeks, provided you are responsive during the process. A complex website may also require more time to develop due to its functionality requirements or the number of pages we need to design.

Are you able to design websites for companies of any size?

Our web design services are typically offered to small and medium-sized businesses. While we have the capability to design websites for larger organizations, our expertise is more suited to local businesses, small and medium companies, startups and entrepreneurs.

How do you handle payments?

Our payment schedule is generally split in three. The first 50% is due at the beginning of your project before the discovery session. Another 30% is due midway through the project and a final 30% upon completion of the project when you are 100% satisfied.

How does your website hosting work?

Websites built using WordPress can be hosted anywhere you want. That said, the quality of hosting providers tends to vary quite a bit and you will want to pick a web hosting service that is dependable to avoid any headaches. We'll always recommend the best hosting provider for your budget.

All of the websites we build with Webflow are hosted with Webflow and powered by Amazon Web Services for lightning-fast speed and total reliability. Hosting with Webflow typically costs $15-20 a month, paid annually. Webflow provides extremely dependable hosting with the fastest site speed available (which is great for SEO and your Google rankings).

For more information on Webflow web hosting: https://webflow.com/hosting

Check out Webflow's unbeatable uptime: https://status.webflow.com/

Do you redesign existing websites?

We sure do! If you already have a website and want its design updated, we are here to help. We build website redesigns that are perfectly tailored to your brand and properly redirected to maintain your existing SEO mojo.

What do you use to design websites?

We use WordPress or Webflow to design websites.

A whopping 37% of all websites on the internet are built using WordPress, the most popular web development platform. It's a solid choice and its plugins can add a lot of functionality, but many agencies use page builders and plugins that add heavy bloat that will slow down your website and cause conflicts that can create headache-inducing website errors. We avoid this common pitfall by using Oxygen to build WordPress websites with bloat-free code and lighting fast page speed.

Depending on your needs and preferences, we can also build your website using Webflow. With Webflow, you just have HTML, CSS and JavaScript without the added plugin bloat, so your site will look and function as clean and reliable as possible. We believe Webflow to be the superior web development platform, but due to temporary limitations with multi-lingual functionality, we currently only offer it for single language websites or small businesses without too many pages.

I don't want to manage my website. Can you do it for me?

While Webflow and WordPress are easy and trouble-free for most people to manage, we can certainly arrange a maintenance package that suits your needs if you are more comfortable with this option. We also provide training so that you can independently manage your own site.

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