A boutique web agency dedicated to creative growth.

Our hands-on approach helps you connect with your target audience in a way that speaks their language and inspires them to choose you over your competitors.

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Meet your new web team

Working with Chateau Mojo means working directly with our expert founders to grow your online visibility and reach more customers.

Jeremy McWilliams team portrait for Chateau Mojo


Co-founder Jeremy brings over 6 years of experience in the world of SEO, having managed successful campaigns for dozens of clients in diverse industries as a senior specialist at one of Montreal's top digital agencies. He's an expert at crafting highly effective organic web strategies that deliver sustainable growth and tangible results for clients.

Christopher Mason team portrait for Chateau Mojo


Co-founder Chris is a project management guru and samurai of the Excel spreadsheet. He brings the technical prowess that powers the strategic machinery behind our agency and an ironclad commitment to innovation and performance in web design and search engine optimization.

Our values

The core values and philosophies behind our Montreal SEO company.


For us, simplicity is the art of bringing order to complexity. We are always searching for the patterns and keys that generate success from puzzling challenges and datasets.


In an ever-changing digital world, it's vital to maintain a spirit of inquiry and a thirst for knowledge. A deep passion for our work inspires us to learn new things every day.


Our formula for creativity is imagination + action. Creative work is the act of bringing something new into existence, of sowing seeds that bloom into powerful works of art.


Can value be a value? Absolutely. With a relentless focus on understanding and addressing your true needs, we seek to deliver value and satisfaction beyond compare.

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